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Friends Group Members working as DCNR Conservation Volunteers do their best to remove fallen trees as time and conditions permit.  If you want to assist with this task, or are aware of a fallen tree obstructing navigation, email dave@swatara.org .

     This Advisory Page is intended to make boaters navigating the Swatara Creek through Swatara State Park aware of known obstacles.  The number of obstacles and their locations can change on an hourly basis.  Information provided herein does not relieve boaters of their responsibility to carefully scout the creek ahead and constantly check for changing conditions. 


The two pictures below are looking upstream at the entrance to the strainer and the strainer field approximately 250 feet below the Swopes Valley Boat Launch that were cleared on Friday, 26 June. 

Mostly all of the strainer shown below was cleared on 30 June.  Boaters can easily pass through this area. 

See our Facebook Site for more photos of this area.

The photo to the right is of a potential new strainer or high water strainer 2.1 miles downstream of the Swopes Valley launch site.  A path has been cleared into this location and this strainer should be removed soon.

​     As of​ June 30, 2020 there are no reported total obstructions to navigation from the Swopes Valley Launch Site to the Lickdale Take Out. 

​     Photos and locations are shown below for the current reported obstructions.  Many thanks to the Alexanders and the Ditzlers for the obstacle photos, locations, and this weeks updates!   

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