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The Friends of Memorial Lake and Swatara State Parks is a federally tax exempt non-profit corporation comprised of unpaid, dedicated volunteers.  The purpose for which the Friends Group has been organized is for the protection, preservation, conservation, enhancement, and the promotion of public awareness of recreational, natural, cultural, and historical resources of Memorial Lake and Swatara State Parks.

        On the 27th of September we started preparing the Swopes Valley Trailhead Canoe Launch site for resurfacing and improvements.  

       On the 28th of September we moved old barn foundation wall stones from the Green Point area to the canoe launch site at the Swopes Valley Trailhead.

      As soon as water levels lower after forecast rains, we will level the site and resurface it with the large foundation stones.  We will also be correcting some storm water runoff issues created by storm water coming off the paved surface of the trailhead.     

     Fencing will be added to restrict unapproved horse traffic into the creek that is eroding the stream banks.              Donations are being accepted for this project.  Checks may be made to FOMLSSP and mailed to 18 Boundary Road, Grantville, PA  17028.  A notation on your check designating the funds for the "Canoe Launch" will ensure your donation goes this project.

We request that all members and volunteers sign up as DCNR Conservation Volunteers before participating in any work parties.  DCNR Conservation Volunteers are covered by Worker's Compensation and can track their volunteer hours on the DCNR Conservation Volunteer Website.  They are also eligible to receive DCNR Volunteer hats, tee shirts and or vests.